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on tropical storm ida. 50-mile per hour winds and heavy rain across much of the southeastern united states which has led to flooding in some areas particularly across portions of alabama. that is where the heaviest rain is right now. center of the storm has not yet made landfall but much of the rain and wind on the northern portion of that storm certainly has made landfall. right now, we are dealing with mild temperatures. 53degrees in the district. relative humidity, 89%. the winds are calm. parametric pressure on the rise, 0.27. here ia look at the satellite- radar. hook how cloudy it is across our region. much different from yesterday, the day before where we saw a good amount of sunshine. today, it will be mostly clouds. can't rule out a ray of sun here or there but a lot of clouds around for today and those clouds could eventually produce some moisture for us. here is your forecast for today though. we'll see a mild day. not as warm as it was yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s. cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle here or there butt best hance of rain rase lili tonight into tomorrow. mo
chief of staff, katie couric, the mayor of d.c. and the vice president of the united states. >> this takes the cake. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: tim mcdermott covered the couple in their finally troubled winery in northwestern virginia. he describes them as social scene regular guy lars and reality show wanna bees. >> nobody is surprised they could pull this off. i've been to the white house. there is an id check, something is going on. >> reporter: despite the embarrassment, the secret service says the couple passed through medical detectors and the safety of the president was never at risk but initial findings identified as secret service checkpoint did not follow proper procedures. one new procedure almost certainly on the way, ask to see an invitation bmp you let someone -- before you let someone into the president's party. while all the pictures are clear, what is not clear is how close this couple ever got to the president of the united states. an attorney for the salahis told us that the couple did not crash the party and that they will set the
. the more mile air in place across the estern united states. we have been showing you the maps where we shown you breamington and rochester, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. our temperatures near or above normal. the forecast for today looks like this increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures, 58 degrees for your high. for tonight here is what we are looking at, -- tonight, 48 degrees is what we are looking at with some clouds. tomorrow more clouds build in. we have a hans of showers during the chance of showers during the course of the day. 39 tomorrow. saturday and sunday a chance of rain late in the day. that's a look at what is happening on the weather. let's get a update on traffic from julie. >>> here we go on the roads now. big delay ifs you are traveling eastbound along 66. the problem with the accident we had at 50 fair oaks activity pushed to the should i. slow out of centerville. delays from 123 towards the capitol beltway. southbound 270 of rockville on the slow side. it will be for a while. local lanes below speed as well. southbound 270, slow approaching passing 109. germa
as long as we deal with this storm across the southeastern united states. you can see the heavy rain, the center of the circulation is down across the panhandle. the heavy rain up to the virginia area and south of richmond where we see the heavier stuff. light stuff here. we will likely see showers develop tonight but the best chances to the south. here is why. we have a huge area of high pressure to the north of us. this thing kicked in and it will block it which is why the system will be moving more to the east and heading out to the coast. but that system will help to funnel in the strong northeas wind and we will get what is called a tight pressure gradient developing and we will be in the middle of that, no doubt about that. our area of low pressure will make it to the carolinas. as it develops, the heist yeast rain will be down there, stormy for the carolinas, maybe upwards of 8 inches of rain in that area. we will have the showers. here is how much we think we will talk about with the bull's- eye being here in the yellow. that's eastern sections of carolina, 7, 8 inches out of
by the united states secret service, one a sedan and one s.u.v. secret service personnel were operating the vehicles. need to -- they had no pro tech tease were in the vehicle with them. >> reporter: the secret service says the cars were being driven from andrews to a garage in the city. they just returned from the vice president's trip from fort lewis in washington state. park police investigators say they know who was struck and killed here but have not been able tolocate any relatives. sergeant david slosser is a sergeant with park police. >> we are identifying him as an adult male. as far as what he was doing at this hour on the suitland parkway, they are looking into it as part of the investigation. >> reporter: in the light of day you can see where this happened. sergeant slosser says the secret service cars were westbound. the pedestrian was crossing at nailer road, just as this woman was doing this afternoon. might there have been other factors involved in the collision? police say they will be looking into every possibility. >> in any fatal or serious motor vehicle crash on fed
for the next five years ache planned runoff elect has been canceled. that could complicate the united states' role in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah dropped out of the base race but the obama administration says it is preparing to work with karzai despite questions about his credibility t could take weeks before the president here decides how many troops to send to afghanistan. >>> the first lady turns h attention to school aged girls in an effort to keep them on track. tenth and eleventh grade gills will go to the white house and take part in educational career development, life skills and also mentoring with women from the east and the west wing. the similar program for high school boys will be launched sometime soon. >>> still ahead, new moves by the government to track the safety of the swine flu vaccine. >> coming up next, the redskins got a break this weekend in not having to play but the fans not giving them a break when it comes to sharing their opinion about what is wrong right now. we'll talk with somebody who gets paid to share his opinion of the skins coming up right after the br
at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this momentarily. let's go o the white house. president obama. >> everybody have a seat. let me first of all just thank ken and the entire department of the interior staff or organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that doctor joe medicine pro was around. i want to give a shout out to that congressional medal of honor hero. good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and your efforts. i want to give you my solemn guarantee. >> i want
on that issue a couple years ago 94-3 against bringing these people to the united states. i can't imagine the people of illinois would like to have these prisoners incarcerated in their state. there may be some local officials who are going to support it, but i expect it will be a huge issue up in illinois, probably in the u.s. senate race up there next year. >> and is there anything you can do in terms of blocking funding for it? >> we'll be looking for ways to do it, and hopefully the senate and house will speak on this issue. >> let's turn to health care reform. senate democrats are expected to bring a bill to the floor this week. do you have the 41 votes in the senate to prevent themrom even bringing it to the floor? >> well, what we do know for sure, chris, is this is a bill that cuts medicare, raises taxes and raises insurance premiums. we know it's been in harry re reid's office for six weeks and the other senators have not seen it. we should have enough time for the other 99 senators and all of the american people to take a look at this bill as majority leader reid has had. the on
of the united states. 54degrees. i tell you what, i saw the movie 201 yesterday. i'm just happy to see california on the map. here a look at the satellite- radar composite for the nation. there she is storminess in the midwest as you can sigh the low pressure system right there, the precipitation spinning around t that is very slowly making its way eastward. we've had clouds across the southeastern seaboard and into our region as well, some cloud cover. we'll see more clouds today than wave seen. sex is clear. part of the reason we've seen the temperature drop off so significantly there. here is the forecast for washington for today. not a bad day. increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures. 58degrees for your high. our normal high is 57 degrees. we're right there. for tonight, we'll see more clouds, a chance of some showers popping up overnight particularly out to the west. overnight low about 48 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, 59 tomorrow with showers and clouds. friday, saturday, look good. sunday, more cloud build in again and bring another chance of some rain showers in th
was not born in the united states but rather came here as an immigrant from mexico. he went on to earn a doctorate in psychology and put that doctorate to work helping soldiers in service in the united states army. it was a life say his friends dedicated to helping others and a legacy his family will have to remember him by. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> more than eight years after the attacks of 9/11, new messages from that day have been released. a social activist group publicized the messages intercepted from pagers. they range from personal and emotional to official instructions. some may have played a role in action taken by the government like a message saying air force one was a target. keep in mind these were intercepted prior to 9/11 legislation authorizing overnment monitoring of messages between citizens. >>> the countdown is on. black friday sales just over 24 hours away. want to knowhow to score the best deals? our money team has you covered. >>> unemployment soaring, families forced out on to the streets. tonight we're taking you inside the effort to bring thanksgiving
the students that the united states and china should not be adversaries but instead allies any mutually beneficial relationship j the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome china as a strong and prosperous an successful member. the community of nations, a china that draws on the rights, strengths and creativity of vim chinese like you. >> the president said, quote, more is gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide. tomorrow, mr. obama heads to beijing to meet with the chinese president. >>> the obama administering has its eye on an illinois prisons for a possible on for terrorism suspects being moved from guantanamo bay. officials say the thompson correctional center, about 150 miles west of chicago, is just one of the options they are considering. the defense department would lease a portion to house fewer than 100 guantanamo detapeees. a white house official said security would be ong the tightest in the country but republican lawmakers question bridging suspected terrorists to u.s. soil while the country is still at w
change and prevent nuclear proliferation. because of our cooperation, both the united states and china are prosperous and secure. what is important is to respect and accommodate the core interests and major concerns. >> outstanding divisions remain between the countries on a variety of issues, including trade policy, iran and human rights. both leaders agreed to meet early next year. >>> mammogrs for women under 50 don't necessarily save lives. tell that to breast cancer survivors. the healthcare community is divided tonight. who should you believe? the latest on the breast cancer screening battle coming up next. >>> swine flu wants to blame for employees calling in sick left and right. if you came down with the virus, can you afford to stay home? congress is checking the -- taking the sick leave debate to the top. >>> and the money team is on the hunt for deals. mel? >>> if your holiday to do list is too long,. >> an interesting way for you to manage that stress. how about taking a vacation from the holiday and we'll show you how in the holiday survival guide. 
, there is an iident there. >>> new this morning, a stern warning from the united states as afghan president hamid karzai was sworn in for a second term. he will spend five more years in control of the war-torn country. he pledged afghan forces would take over security within that time. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the ceremony and offered support but says the united states expects karzai to crack down on corruption in his couny. >>> president obama is on his way back to the united states after wrapping up his tour of asia. we will stop in alaska to refuel before continuing on to the district. mr.obama met with the south korean president and they discussed punishment against iran for continuing the nuclear weapons projects. president obama says the latest measures will be developed over the next several week but is not giving specifics so far. >>> another big story we are following, the democrats' health care bill will likely face an early showdown on the senate floor. the latest bill would cover # 1 million uninsured americans an set up he can changes that would help people get an
common in the united states at these town hall meetings. >> reporter: in front of a carefully selected audience and what sounded like carefully secretaried questions, he spoke about everything from the nobel peace price to his family. he did press on one point, which is access to the internet. >> i can tell you in the united states, the fact that we have free internet -- or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. and i think should be encouraged. >> reporter: and there has been some openness about the president's visit here. newsper headlines trumpet his arrival and the fact that the chinese even allowed a carefully monitored town hall meeting may be seen as progres but the president was careful not to press too hard. china is after all the largest creditor. and the president was quick to saythat the two countries fates are interconnected. >> and that is why the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome chinaas a strong and prosperous and successful member of the community of nations. >> reporter: and despite signs of openne
for the nation. a lot of clouds in the eastern united states. we have a storm system in the pacific northwest and the mid section of the nation is fairly clear. here is a at the -- a look at the radar -- or whatever it is. 35 in wichita, cold conditions across the western states. here is your five-day forecast. high today 59 degrees. periods of rain and maybe a thunderstorm late today and tomorrow. omorrow we'll see gradual clearing, 62. saturday looks to be a decent day, 61 degrees. friday more clouds move in. precipitation late sunday into monday. that is a look at the weather. here is a look at traffic with julie wright. >> we're looking through the fog right now. outer loop from college park into silver spring through the thick fog, accident on eastbound 32, traffic remains heavy and slow across the potomac to the southeast- southwest freeway. crash for the entrance at the third street tunnel is now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> it is 7:22 right now on this thursday morning. coming up next, could you go a whole day without complaining? -- is it even possible?
fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> north korea has raised the threat to get the united states into direct talks. they say they have completed a process to make one atomic bomb. it comes as they demand direct talks. >>> and now in afghanistan, where karzai promises to root out corruption. after he was declared in election so tainted with fraud that his challenging dropped out. president obama personally called him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter. he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment. but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the white house says despite the canceled election, the president's decision on troop levels could still be weeks away. >>> joining us with more on the situation in afghanistan is malu innocent from the catoe institute. good morning. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we enjoyed your analysis in afghanistan, we wanted to have you back to talk about the latest development. karzai again president for another five years.
but it is not surprising. we live, not just georgetown but in the united states there is a broad culture of homophobic. >> police are investigating. the vigil is scheduled for 8 listen 30 tonight on campus. the student is out of the hospital tonight. the university says his attacker was wearing a black leather jacket and had his face painted red and white. likely someone in georgetown that night celebrating halloween. back to you. >>> now to the news edge on maryland, a man still in his halloween costume hit up a bank in chevy chase. you can see him wearing a white skeleton mask. he robbed a bank armed with a semi automatic gun. police are looking for a second man who drove a getaway car. in chevy case two burglaries in two days and the community is on edge. it happened on chevy chase parkway. one late at night and the other just before 8:00 in the morning. both happened while residents were sleeping upstairs. the suspect or suspects entered through unlocked windows ' doors taking computers, cell phone and a purse. >>> now to an important consumer alert tonight. possibly contaminated beef leading to a
in the most unlikely of places, the united states supreme court. >> i was disappointed. >> reporter: the attorney for the native americans who brought the case which claim the redskins logo and name is racially insulting. other sports franchise like the indians the chicago blackhawks, atlanta braves and kansas city chiefs have also faced opposition over their names but now he says that washington is different. >> the redskins are i think a special case because that's really a disparaging term for native americans, whereas many others are neutral decyst criptive terms. >> reporter: in 1989 the plaintiffs were successful in getting the trademark cancelled. the lower court said they waited too long to file their suit. even an american university law professor says the supreme court said it saw no reason to overturn the lower court ruling. >> the court did not express an opinion on the merits of the lawsuit and did not express it on the law challenged but said it would not review it. >> the fans said they are sticking by the team and its name. >> i don't find it offensive at all. i love
this doesn't happen. >> on what authority in the united states constitution deals this congress the right to mandate that every citizen must be purchase a health care policy. there is no such constitutional authority. >> reporter: as lawmakers in the house debate, hundreds of protestors have gathered in the nation's capital to get their voices heard. [ boos ] >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on whether or not this version of the bill will move forward. in washingn, molly hinenburg, pox news. >>> the biggest sticking pointemains the government's public option. yesterday, mayor representative hoyer was hinting there could be a delay in the vote. eastbound if the house passes the bill it will face hurdles in the senate. >>> if things in fairfax county are any indication, children are getting good access to the swine flu vaccine. the clinic at a fairfax county government center was originally just supposed to be for children ages 4 to 9. but there was enough vaccine top it up to everyone between six months and 18 years old. pregnant women also received access to and by early afterno
are with the wounded and families of the fallen. fort hood is the largest active armored duty post in the united states. >> fort hood covers a whopping 339 square miles. it's located between austin and waco texas. there are nine schools on the post. seven elementary schools, two middle schools. fort hood opened back in 1942 and had been continuously used for army training. the soldier readiness center where the deadliest shootings took place there afternoon is where soldiers who were about to be deployed are about to undergo medical screening. >> we're getting bits and pieces of information. we will put them all on our website, the very latest bit of information that we have is that major malek nadal hasan is an army mental health professional. it's the latest we have detailing the mind set of this individual dead now and believed tobe the gunman in killing these 12 people. we're live streaming all the information that we have that comes in off the satellite on little bits and pieces of information as we get them and put them on our website, >>> another story to
across the united states. there has been a little bit in the part of the country where we have been watching this big storm. yesterday, where we had a lot of show snow -- snow showing up, not seeing the showers for st. louis, chicago, a couple of storms in the mix and in our area, a few of those clouds will get pushed up closer into our region. it looks like there are a couple of showers out there and they're the lightest of sprinkles, likely not hitting the ground. the air is still dry. as the lights go on, we'll see the clouds hanging around and call for a mostly cloudy time of it overnight, chillier in the suburbs, 45 degrees and the wind direction continues out of the northeast and tomorrow out of the east. it usually locks us in with temperatures around normal, 58 degrees under mostly cloudy skies for our wednesday. isolated shower, can't be ruled out and it will be light and most likely in the afternoon if we did see it. planning out your wednesday, mostly cloudy at 8 in the morning, 47 degrees and the sun is bright this time of the year. you want to see a few clouds in the mo
sells almost all the canned pumpkin in the united states, the bad weather hurt this year's crop. he company is warning of a potential shortage of the capped pumpkin through the holiday season.  cell phone users, beware. someone could be listening in on your calls. to track your every move and it could be completely legal. fox 5s melanie alnwick is here with more. >> reporter: what is frightening is how easy it is to do. all a spy needs is access to your phone, a computer and 30 minutes to monitor everything you do and everywhere you go. private eyes could be watching you through your cell phone and you will never know. the spyware takes the big brother concept to an unprecedented level. >> overall, i think this is a dangerous software capability. i think this is invacation of privacy. >> we downloaded the spy ware from the website and put it on a target phone. his fiance jennifer has the monitor phone. this text message ans he's made a call. >> every time nol's phone sends or receives a call, text or e- mail, jennifer's phone is alerted. now, we're going to redial. >
united states and possibly the southern atlantic united states later in the week. we have a temperature in d.c. as we to the graphics of 48 degrees in d.c. gaithersburg, 45. spre yike, 37. hagerstown, 52, not too bad there -- frederick, 37. we will see mostly sunny skies. some of the clouds will break up as they get here, i believe. do want to mention there are some spots of fog this morning here and there across the region. here is a look at the surface map. high pressure well in control here. wave got calm win. 'll have a calm day today. again, some clouds work in. but a good amount of sunshine factoring in as well. that will help warm us up. forecast for washingtofor today, we are looking for a high of about 73 degrees. not bad at all. it is 13 degrees above normal. five-day forecast, now, you will see out temperatures drop off tomorrow into the 1r0. mid-60s with a chance of some rain showers in the afternoon and evening. wednesday, mid-50s for your highs. chance of rain on wednesday as well. thursday, more sunshine, 58. that is about where we should be, # 2 on friday with sun. that
drink maker because of a pricing dispute. costco has more than 500 warehouses across the united states and abroad. >>> the market hit 13-month highs and there is good news from general motors. let's find out about both from chris cotter live from new york with our business beat this morning. a lot of folks on wall street are watching the dollar and what is happening there. a lot of folks at home, that might be overshadowed by what is happening with the s&p and the dow right now. >> yeah, it is a very interesting die magic here, steve. what you've got is of a -- dynamic here, steve. what you've got is the drr continuously being weighed down. most people would say that is a bad thing. many would say we need a strong ollar here for global financial stability but they didn't say when we needed it. most people think that is more lip service. for white rite now, what work for our economy and for the global economy is a weaker dollar for us. that way, our exporters and those american businesses doing business elsewhere actually have a better chance. the mcdonald's of the world, we are seeing
as the 60th vote. in the united states senate monday, the great debate got underway. >> the authors of the bill have done a very good job. >> i don't think this bill can be fixed. >> reporter: the democrats 2074 page health care bill promises to cover millions of uninsured. crack down on insurance companies for denying coverage or charging extra for preexisting conditions, but it woulds a also cost money -- $848 billion over ten years. >> health care will come if we dedicate the coming weeks to solutions, not scare tactics. >> reporter: senator reid is referring to the republicans statements that the bill will cost trillions and put government in charge of major health care decisions. >> democrats don't seriously confront this problem in their 2 ks 074-page monument, monument to mo more government, more taxes, more spending and more debt. >> reporter: the bill needs 60 votes to pass. the same number of seats democrats control but you only have to look at the man occupying the presiding chair of the senate on monday see why its passage is far from a sure thing. >> the current cost of
in the united states. the cdc now believes at least 4,000 americans have died from h1n1. that number is four times the previous estimate and includes deas from complications like pneumonia and bacterial infections related to the virus. the cdc says since april many millions of americans have come down with the swine flu. >>> caught on camera, the final moments of a maryland man's life before a deadly police shooting. dash cam video showing what went down after he was pulled over. >>> plus, a plane full of passengers ready for takeoff. so why did police escort the pilot out? the reason could make you uneasy. >>> a fox 5 investigation 911 dispatchers accused of putting the lives of police officers on the line. tonight we track down the woman in charge. why is she running from us? fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. we'll be right back.  >>> we're following breaking news tonight from the west coast. boxer mike tyson has been arrested at los angeles international airport. he reportedly got into a fight with a photographer. tyson's spokeswoman says the boxer was traveling with
a hundreds and hundreds of people behind them in the united states or that care about them and appreciatema what they do. every day, we're grateful for their service. >> reporter: the other headliners tonight, montgomery gentry and live anwomack, all the performers hoping to lift the spirit at 350 military bases and 170 countries. will? >> definitely boosting morale. thank you, roz plater. >>> the big story coverage far from over. at 10:30, we're taking you live from fort hood with an great -- update on the investigation and new insight into military stress. we have an entire section on the website dedicated to the story. the link, >>> new tonight on fox 5, a carbon monoxide emergency evacuating a local church sending several people to the hospital. the 911 call came in at 6:30 after someone got faint and dizzy at st. bernard's church in riverdale. when authorities arrived, several others complained of symptoms, too. a mother and two kids were taken to the hospital, roughly 10 other people on the scene were evaluated and everyone is expected to be okay. all signs are point
-- or heavy rain across the southeastern united states with some areas of flooding being reported in particular in alabama. so the heavy rain is there. the eye of the storm as it is will cross oveas steve and gurvir said by the end of our broadcast today but the rain is already there. the wind is there as well as tropicastorm ida makes its way ashore. we'll talk more about that a little bit later. right now, here, closer to home, our current temperature here in washington as we go back to the graphics is 55 degrees. route, 80%. winds are calm. here is a look at the satellite- radar. tucker was showing you. this a lot of cloud cover across the eastern u.s. we were in the clear for the morning hours and then the clouds started to move in. it will just be cloudy. you might sea peek of sun here or there but for the most part, cloudy skies. some of that from the tropical storm system down it our south. here is the day planner for today. we had a couple of days in the 70s. that was nice. today, we fall back into the low and mid-60s which is still above normal so it will still be a mild
't. before leaving china today, he met with the country's premier. the president says the united states' relation some with china is getting stronger. >>> in money news, most of us will spend about $700 on twist this is holiday. >> or can you do something el with all that cash. treat yourself to a holiday getaway. we'll show you some deals coming up in about 10 minutes. >>> next though, stranded by a sea of icele we'll update the situation with that cruise ship full of passengers. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ho ho the hottest toys, the flattest tv's. hot. flat . that's how you win christmas! boom! boom! boom! looking good sis! starts friday, november 27th, at 5am. get ready. i don't channel all of my insecurities into chrisas. i'll leave that to my sparkle sister. i'll be doing my shopping at a decent hour, at target's 2-day sale. huge savings on clothes and fancy home stuff. plus, i can still get the normal stuff, for normal people who aren't like... get there friday november, 27th at 5am or later. >>> vacation extended sort of for more than 100 people in russia. the cruise sh
courageously by trying to help him. >>> did the united states miss its best chance to capture osama bin laden years ago? coming up next, we'll tell you how a new report says a decision by the u.s. helped bin laden escape. >>> a cup whole crashed the white house state dinner is making a bid to cash in but could they face criminal charges? you're watching fox 5 morning news. not only do they come with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent apr for 72 months on most '09 models. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. >>> the latest on a thanksgiving tragedy in florida. authorities are looking for 35- year-old paul mur he. je. he is accused of shooting and killing four of his relatives following thanksgiving dinner. investigators say there had been some ongoing resentment in the family but they're not sure what led to the murders. he is charged with four counts of first doug murder and two counts of attempted murder. investi
the southeastern united states, has pushed into the mid- atlantic. this is rain from two different sources, from a cold front that is out to our west. that will be pushing through here and from the remnants of ida all pushing into the region. it will give us a wet couple of days as a matter of fact. our current temperature, 53 degrees. relative humidity, 71%. winds are out of the north at 15 miles per hour. it will be breezy today too. here is your forecast for today. clouds, rain, breezy conditions, cool temperatures. our temperatures remaining fairly steady. we are looking if a high of only about 55 degrees. we are actually at 55 an hour or so ago. we might get there again but that will be about it. more details on the forecast and the cha for the latter part of this week that are coming as well. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning on this wednesday morning. >> good morning to you all. it is a wet federal holiday and we are dealing a with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. be careful traveling the out are loop coming from co
the explosives may have been planted in a car in a parking lot. -- at least 30 people today. the united states says it is stopping long-term development work near the afghan border because of security concerns. security concerns have forced the united nations to stop that long-term development work. they will focus on emergency and humanitarian relief. to follows a string of bombings recently. >>> afghanistan president hamid karzai will apparently stay in power for the next five years and that could complicate the united states' role in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah dropped out of the race but the obama administration says it is prepared for work with karzai despite questions about his credibility. >>> it is now 10 minutes after 5:00. there is encouraging news this more thanking on the swine flu front. coming up next, the government says more vaccine is on the way and soon. >>> history being made in the big apple. something happened at the new york city marathon that has not happened in more than 25 years. we'll tell you what it is coming up. >>> al coming up, we'll bring you the latest on to
for a veteran's break for wednesday and leave for a week around thank. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: some predict a vote could slide into january. what they will vote on remains to be seen. the public option could face tough opposition in the senate. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. >>> and prince george's county investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian after 2:00 this morning on old branch avenue in marlow heights. police are still trying to figure out what happened. driver of the striking vehicle did stay on the scene. >>> also some scary moments on the roads in the district in northern virginia. around 3:00 this morning, d.c. police witnessed gunshots between two ca at 53rd street and east capital street. shots were fired at police officers and that set off a pursuit that went into alexandria and back into d.c. where the suspects bailed out of their car at 295 and malcolm x avenue. police made three arrests and no officers were hurt. police believe
the coast of the main land. and you can see right now heavy rain across southeastern united states. and now we see a bandy of heavy rain developing from the gulf of mexico to florida and alabama has flood issues this morning. much of the region has flood warnings in affect because o the heavy rain. up to 8 inches of rain is likely in several locations so ida having an impact. close to home, here is a look at our temperatures. we have a temperature at reagan national of 50. we have to go to the graphics to see what wre doing here. 53 degrees at reagan national. dulles international is at 50. bwi marshall is at 50 degrees. satellite radar composite for the region. a lot of clouds over us this morning. its going to be a cloudy day today. your forecast for today is cloudy. temperatures cooler than yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s as opposed to the low to mid-70s. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thank you for that. >>> let's check in with julie wright and look at what s happening in the land of traffic. >> all of these cars. and nowhere to g
're not on the list, you shouldn't be able to go in. it's the president of the united states. >> as someone who doesn't know what the hot clubs are, i will press my question with miss p perino. how does anyone think that you'll get in and get away with it? >> i remember situations where you had to clear someone in, a high-level person or someone of some importance and that the computer -- there was a computer glitch and they didn't get through and they're held at the gate and it's really embarrassing and you have to go out there, you have to get the secret service to get them in. i've never heard of this before where they could get through. obviously, those procedures have to change and president obama said there will be an investigation and they'll figure it out. but the broader question as to why people want to do this is just beyond me. who has -- i don't know anybody who has the time to figure out how to pull off such capers. >> well, why they want to do it is because it pays. they want to sell their story. she spent seven hours getting ready for this. her picture is everywhere. they're famous. a
at the united states of america. i'm an american. i love this country. i want everybody in it to do well. the conservative message is not, okay, hispanics, we have this plan for you. women, we have this plan for you. that's what the republican party is trying to do, emulate group politics, a the history is that why be democrat? let them handle that. let's go after the big tent that is the country and let's get every person in this country,i don't care what their race is, gender is, sexual orientation, if they have someone who is going to strengthen them, give them the tools, get out of their way and let them make this country work, republican party can attract a majority like they haven't seen since the '80s. >> in the "time" magazine article about glen beck recently, just as you found your place as the triumphant champion of the age of reagan, beck is tapping into the fear and anger on the right today. do you think that's why he struck such a chord, because he taps into the fear and the anger of the conservatives today? >> there is a lot of fear. there's a tremendous amount of fear in t
working this one. >> reporter: the united states attorney says the company that owns these buildings and those mosques have been in violation of several american laws for two decades. they say through a front company they funnel millions back to iran's state owned bank, a bank accused of providing support for their nuclear program. at the islamic education center, it's business as usual for the people going interest the mosque -- into the mosque. a member of the mosque who did not want to appear on camera says they just use the property. the owners are the company in new york. other than that, they had no comment and no idea this was happening today. federal prosecutors are taking steps to seize four u.s. mosques in maryland, california and new york. they're also looking at seizing a new york skyscraper owned by a nonprofit muslim organization called alavi foundation. the government claims the foundation has long been suspected of being under iranian government control. prosecutors say they have been helping to illegally funnel money back to iran. a 97-page complaint details involvem
in the united states. of the 4,000 who have die540 were children. a total of 98,000 people have been hospitalized since april a. third of them kids. now, these numbers are a lot higher than previous estimates. the cdc says it's a more accurate representation. keeping an eye on potential mutations of the swine flu is a top priority. they want to be prepared for genetic leaps. >> reporter: as h1n1 influenza races across the continent, a team of researchers in san francisco are tracking its every move and mutation. >> we really want to find out how rapidly is it changing, is it changing at all and ultimately, if so, what implications does that have with regard to vaccine and drug resistance. >> we have tested a lot of viruses. and it hasn't changed genetically and neither has the immune characteristics. >> reporter: influenza has a tendency to mutate and big genetic leaps can be catastrophic. doctor chew and his team are tasked with making sure it never happens again. >> i'm hoping the work we do here will help better manage pandemics. >> reporter: specimens are kept at minus 110 degree
days and leaves for a week around thanksgiving. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: that puts the senate into a december start. some are predicting a vote could slide into january. in whash wash, caroline shief lishgs fox news. >>> in the senate this is not a partisan issue. there are moderate democrats who say they do not like the public option and will vote against the bill if it stays. >>> they are gearing up for a battle with mother nature in the gulf. this is how thing look in el salvador after hurricane ida tore through. >>> we had a great weekend but will ida affect us? your full forecast ahead and a look at the five-day. we'll tell you if we have sunshine or will feel the effects of the hurricane. join us after the break. ( "love hurts" by nazareth playing ) ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds... - announcer: before you ever love it... - ( tires screech ) ...the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder j.d. power and associates... - ♪ oo
.  >>> rather dubious milestone bs national debt in the united states topped $12 trillion. it's right there. translates in to nearly $39,000 for every man, woman and child. deficit for the just ended 2009 fiscal year hit all time high of $1.42 trillion. national debt increased 1.6 trillion under president obama. >>> senate bill will include what is called the class act. it's a voluntary long-term care program. some economists request whether the program will be substantial >>> another accident related to a motorcade for joe biden. secret service says a police car working ahead of the motorcade was involved in a traffic accident last night in new york city. the car wasn't part of the motorcade itself and the vice president was not hurt. some were in the accident. >>> get ready for smackdown, wwe super star will join us live in studio as we get set for the big upcoming match. >>> and the father of sarah palin 's grandchild poses for playgirl. started taking airborne to help support my immune system when i travelled. but thei realized... there are so many other times my immune system could use
crew mates boarded the same plane to head back to the united states. >> the same thing happened. four hours into flight the entire aircraft was ill again. people were vomiting and they were just sick. >> reporter: this time she also got sick and now nine years later she's still dealing with confusion and other neurological problems. >> the faa never called me. >> reporter: she's one of several flight attendants who have su airlines saying they were exposed to toxic chemicals in the cap bin's air supply-- >> cabin's air supply. >> there are chemicals or jet fuel that can get brought into the air of the aircraft. >> reporter: occupational medicine specialist dr. robert harrison says she was exposed to toxic chemicals in the plane's lead air. outside air that comes through the engine into the air conditioning system. >> this problem occurs when the mechanical system of the aircraft malfunctions and these products when they're burned get into the air supply system and circulate around the cabin air. >> reporter: the contaminated air harrison says is similar to what you would find in dange
investigating. >> my understanding was that it was two vehicles owned by the united states secret service. one was a sedan and one an suv. secret service personnel were operating the vehicle. they had no protectee, such as the vice. or president. none of them were in the vehicle. >> reporter: the secret service says the cars were being driven from andrews to a garage in the cy. ey had just returned from the vice president's trip to fort lewis in washington state. park police investigators say they know who was struck and killed here, but have not been able to locate any of his relatives. sergeant david slaucher is a spokesperson for police. >> we're identifying him as an adult male. as far as what he was doing out at this hour and on the suitland parkway, we're looking into that as part of the overall investigation. >> reporter: in the light of day you can see where this happened. he says the secret service cars were westbound on suitland parkway. the pedestrian was crossing the parkway here at naler road just as this woman was doing this afternoon.
it was here in the united states at that time. >> and when you got that, you and your fellow soldiers, obviously you get there and you start to interact with te people there, how long -- was there an immediate awareness that they just see us as people here and not necessarily as black people? >> there was an immediate awareness that there was a very great difference in the way we were treated, the perception of the locals. from time to time you would run into a situation where people viewed us from the standpoint of american film, which we had to sort of tell them that we were -- as depicted in the american movies. and that was one barrier we had to get over from some small extent. but otherwise it was a pleasurable experience. >> gregory, tell me about what we see in the movie. you talk primarily about army veterans, correct? >> yes. >> tell me about what some of the veterans remember. >> well they remember they're overall experiences in great britain. some of them will remember they're relationships with british women. one of the causes of problems that erupted in great britain was
and the environment. she will go to soul, korea, before returning to the united states. >>> the question about whether warning signs were missed about the nidal malik hasan. according to the washington post, army chief of staff general george casey, jr., is forming the investigativable. the president has ordered a review of any intelligence into hasan. two of the victims will be buried at arlington national cemetery. they are the two local to our area. warman will be laid to west next sunday and another one on november 25th. >>> breaking news, out of charles county, maryland. reports of people trapped of a vehicle slammed into a townhouse. live the home in st. charles. you can see a minivan smashed through the front door of that home; again, life pictures from sky fox. we think this happened fairly recently as police have just roped off the area. we'll bring you updates. again, a van into a townhouse in st. charles maryland. >>> the latest weather and traffic coming up in three minutes. >>> and also ahead, there is a mystery around the breakfast table. people have noticed that the eggo waffles have g
catholics throughout the united states. so it's almost really like america's parish. it's america's church. >> reporter: and the u.s. bishopseclared it as the national place of prayer and pilgrimage and its working because a million people a year come here. and explain to everybody where we are. >> right now we're in the lower church. we're in this wonderful space called memorial hall. and you will note that all of these names of people that are -- that have been engraved on the walls here of wonderful people throughout the many years that have given donations and have asked for prayers and they have been placed here in memorial for that. so you see them and there are thousands of them here. >> there are thousands but there was one that kind of caught our eye. we're going to kind of try to sneak over here. this looks familiar, rockny. >> the great football coach. >> reporter: he gave some money for the church. and you do give free tours. >> that's correct. 365 days throughout this whole year, every year, the basilica is always open, rain or shine it is here. >> reporter: and always welcomi
this decision. >> we owe it to the military and the united states to have that decision made and made as soon as possible. >> reporter: now the white house says the president is starting with a blank slate. rejecting the options he's been presented. including the request of his top general in afghanistan who wants as many as 40,000 additional troops. officials say he wants a clear path to turn responsibility over to the afghan government. >> in order for the united states to withdraw eventually out of that -- out of afghanistan, you have to have a stable afghanistan. >> reporter: but afghanistan is far from stable. and now at associated press reports that the u.s. ambassador there has sent a secret cable to the white house. >> the fact that cables like that are being leaked demonstrates that whatever decision is reached, there will still be disagreement after it's over. >> reporter: the president leaves foreasia today and not expected to announce a before he returns late next week. doug luzader, fox news. >>> as we turn to swine flu fears now, there are stunning new numbers behind the newest
's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> the united states senators calling for an investigation into potential safety lapses on metro. inspectors are trying to determine whether rules were followed after several workers were injured or killed. metro says a verbal agreement has been allowed for the monitors to be reviewed with an escort. >>> montgomery county leaders now discussing ways to ease congestion for you. 270 can turn into a virtual parking lot. you know it can. several ideas are on the table including a tax hike. sarah simmons is in rockville with details. >> reporter: if you look behind me, you can tell the traffic on 270 right now, even despite the rain, isn't too bad. it is busy but not like it usually is. but as julie has been saying, it's a holiday with veteran's day. on most days it is a parking lot out herement and the montgomery county council is trying to come up with a way to fix that and there are several options on the table that they are taking a look at. one to expand interstate 270 and install express toll lanes for both directions. also they're looking a
in the united states. if it is discovered at birth, children are to go on supplements and a low protein diet the rest of their lives, and it is note cheap. and that's part of the campaign, was to make treatment more affordable for everyone. >> he's certainly getting some more attention about this, too. >> reporter: maybe they may not find the bike, but i learned something new. pku if not treated can lead to severe mental retardation. so maybe we educated people about this as well, so there's a silver lining in this. >> hopefully somebody will step up. >> shame on them. >> claudia, thank you. >>> virginia voters are choosing a new governor today. the results of that election and two other key national races could reflect on president obama. the races are being watched as a symbolic vote on how people feel about the white house. fox's bill hammer is more with on how the other races are shaping up. >> reporter: good evening to you. we will talk about virginia in a moment. in new jersey, this is a neck and neck race. president barack obama has tied himself to core zine, stumping there three time
a victory in the most unlikely of places, the united states supreme court. >> well, i was disappointed. >> reporter: phil is the attorney for the six native americans who brought the case which claimed the redskins' logo and name is racially insulting. other sports franchises like the cleveland indians, chicago black hawk, atlanta braves and kansas city chiefs have also faced opposition over their names but now says washington is different. >> the redskins are i think a special case because that's really a disparaging term for native americans whereas many of these others are neutral destructive terms. >> reporter: in 1999, the plaintiffs were successful in getting the redskins trademarks canceled but in 2003, a lower court ruled the native american group had waited too long to file their suit. the supreme court essentially said it saw no reason to overturn t lower court ruling. >> the court did not express an opinion on the merits of the lawsuits, did not even express an opinion on the merits of the ruling that was being challenged, just basically said it's not going to review it. >>
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